We here at Star Studio like art. The vanilla texture pack is great and works by default, but we want our show to look different. We use something called Sphax PureBDcraft. It’s an alternate Resource pack for Minecraft. To the left is a button to download it for Vanilla Minecraft. We like this pack because it adds a cool cartoon look to the game and we think that matches our personalities well.


The option you choose to download highly depends on what kind of computer you have. We recommend choosing the 64x version as it will usually work well on all computers. This pack will only work with Vanilla Minecraft. If you want to be on the modded Minecraft show, we will send you a Texture pack that we custom made for the show along with all the other things that let you record.If you want to use Sphax with Modded you will have to follow these links to learn how to combine the two on your own. 

This is due to licensing and we can’t provide download links.

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