Childhood Chatcast with The Dude is a playful and lighthearted look back at Children’s MN employees’ childhoods. 

From our favorite toys to our first concert, from a trip to the hospital to what kind of students we were, 

Star Studio’s The Dude and co-host Jake take these grown-ups on a time traveling trip to yesteryear. 

One thing is always certain, we were all kids once.

In this episode of the Chatcast, Madeline reveals her unique way of learning to ride a bike, and that those little milk cartons at school are really hard to open.

In this episode of the Chatcast, The Dude and James learn they have a lot in common, from playing saxophone to gold chains, to playing tight end in football.

In this episode of the Chatcast, we find out that our guest Max learned a lot of English watching American TV while growing up in the 1980s in Costa Rica, and that pizza isn’t always a winner the first time around.

In this episode of the Chatcast, we’re reminded that for some, all the world’s a stage, 

AND how to make delicious sand pies.

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