Star Studio Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 5:30PM
Friday: 9AM - 12PM

Visitors and guests should use the Green Ramp. You may enter the ramp off Chicago Avenue. The entrance to the Specialty Center parking ramp (West Parking Ramp) 

is off E 26th Street, west of Chicago Avenue. 


Take ramp elevators to level 2. Follow hallway around, through 

the specialty center and across skyway, check in at the welcome desk. 

Star Studio is on level 1 of the main hospital.

Visitors and guests should use the Red Ramp, found next to the front entrance of Children’s.

 If you’re coming from the south, take the Grand Ave entrance to the Red Ramp near the intersection to North Smith Ave. If you’re coming from the North, take the North Smith 

Ave entrance right before the stoplight.


Take ramp elevators to level 2. Take a right out of the elevator and head down the hall to the welcome center. The Welcome Center will check you in and provide directions to the studio. Star Studio is on level 3 of the River Tower 

in the Child Life Zone.

Patient Family
"Thank you so much for telling us about these shows. He's already bored of everything. The iPad, the movies, there's nothing he wants to watch on TV. The first time he's had something to look forward to since getting here.
Patient Family
"She's going to be so excited! Thank you so much. This was so inclusive. She loved being able to participate and feel like she was a part of the show! We really appreciate you stopping by and including us."
Patient Family
"This is the best hospital we've been to! It's so fun!"
Patient Family
"We've been here going on 17 days, and you guys have made our stay so much easier. he's been asking about once an hour every day if it's time for BINGO yet. And I'll tell him, not until this day, but he's so excited every time. Thank you for everything you guys do. You really do make a difference for families here.
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