Star Studio is made possible by donors like you!

Children’s Minnesota is a non-profit organization. Everything from Bingo prizes to camera equipment is funded by donations. Most of our prizes are from individuals or organizations hosting toy drives. Donor dollars also allow us to purchase popular Star Studio promotional items, like Dude hats or Star Studio footballs.

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Thank you so much for considering a donation to Star Studio and the patients inside Children’s Minnesota. One of our favorite parts of our job is getting to pick out prizes for kids after they win Bingo and other prize-related shows. Below are suggestions for donations for various age ranges. We try to keep toys around the 5 dollar mark or under but will be happy with any donations you are able to give us. We’ve had incredible luck with Five Below as they offer practically everything on this list at a reasonable price.


Ideas for toy donations:


0-3 years old

We don’t usually have kids this age, but there are a few instances when parents call in for young kids. Please donate accordingly.


4-11 years old

  1. Lego sets
  2. Action figures (Superhero, Princess, Disney, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Barbies)
  3. Sound story books, sticker story books, and pop-up books (we have a lot of “regular” books available for kids already)
  4. Yo-yo’s
  5. Tech Decks (those mini finger skateboards)
  6. Fidget devices
  7. Construction toy sets (buildable toys, buildable blocks)


12-16 years old

  1. Earbuds or headphones
  2. Artist sketchbooks
  3. Mini bluetooth speakers
  4. Pop-its/fidget items
  5. String lights
  6. Sports things like basketballs, footballs, etc
  7. Science kits
  8. Remote control cars


Arts and Crafts Materials

  1. Markers (regular and fine tip)
  2. Fuzzy posters
  3. Adult coloring books
  4. Window markers or stickers
  5. Art kits
  6. DIY slime or stress balls
  7. Small musical instruments (harmonica, drum)


Clothes and Comfort Items

  1. Fun socks (we give these to kids in for behavioral health as they are a perfect, cozy prize without any possible misuse)
  2. Hats (especially useful when kids got through chemo and are looking for a nice hat)
  3. Fun, Decorative Pillows
  4. Blankets


Items we cannot accept:

  1. Bikes, Skateboards, scooters
  2. Toy weapons – nerf guns, sabers, etc.
  3. Used or gently used items
  4. Expensive electronics
  5. Food to be given to patients
  6. Flowers
  7. No latex things (due to latex allergies)
  8. Gift cards (this is in the same category as cash and can’t be given out due to inducement)
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